Wednesday, September 04, 2013

New beginnings

So school starts today. Or is supposed to. My dear Hannah has THE. WORST. canker sores in her mouth I have ever seen. She cant talk or smile or even think about having fun because it hurts so bad to move her mouth. So off to the Doctor we go to confirm she has THE. WORST. canker sores. "Here's an Rx for a little something stronger for pain management." Thanks Doc.

Bubba was off to 6th grade tho. A new school, new teachers, new locker, new shoes. He didn't want me to walk in with him, hold his hand as we went down the hall or to kiss him goodbye so I let his dad take him. That way it didn't break my heart. Sixth grade. He will be 12 in December.  My baby is getting so old. Now if he would stop being such a dorky kid!

Do you remember being 12? I think I do. Total dorkiness, can't control yourself emotionally or physically. Weird things going on in your body and mind. Nothing fits. Your legs are too long and your feet are too short, or your feet are too long and your legs are too short and those arms!!! Yeah, he is all that! And lets not even talk about personal cleanliness or his bedroom!

I am looking forward to hearing about his first day at school and the bus ride home!

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