Friday, September 27, 2013

Can't Touch This

I spent a summer, years ago, water skiing and hanging with a group of quirky folks. At the end of the season they had acquired several hours of video so they put together a video tape. The background music was "Can't Touch This," and its on the radio right now, so I took a little walk down memory lane for about 3 minutes and 45 seconds. Good times. That was a fun group. No, I don't run around with any of them anymore. It was a one season thing.

I was up early (twice) this morning. The first time was to rescue my SIL from the Amtrak station. Her train was five hours late. The second time was for hockey. Yes, its that time of year again. I actually did a few private lessons with one of my coaches during the summer and practiced a few times (!) so I felt ready to start, but WOW! It's hard, hard work on  my old-lady body. The cardio required is intense! Sprints! Sprints! Sprints!

We worked on a lot of backward skating today, cross-overs and something else I wanted to remember so I could practice it, but I have already forgotten ... Another old-lady issue. Totally looking forward to this season, we don't have as many gals playing which is too bad, but also good because we will get some great coaching. Not that they aren't always great, but with a smaller group we are each going to get more attention, I think. Not only that, the workouts will be more intense too, not as much waiting for the last people to get done.

So that's hockey. We also have a soccer player right now. Hannah loves soccer, so we signed her up for the fall session. I have resisted, for the past eight years, signing the kids up for anything at the beginning of the school year because getting into the swing of school is usually enough, not only that, I usually have some kind of a schedule change in October, too. But I relented this year. Mostly its been fine. She  We Okay, I had a very bad Saturday last week where we fought and ended up leaving the soccer game. It was  both of us, but really, who is the adult? Not me that day. I acted like an eight year old, too. Very poor Mom performance. We are on track now, and her performance has stepped up so it turned out good. But it was a very. bad. day.

And Bubba. He has really stepped up in the personal responsibility arena. He is taking the bus to and from school every day which requires him to set an alarm, get himself fed and off to the bus on time. So far, not a single day missed! AND he took the initiative to start calling me when he gets home each day. He arrives home 5-35 minutes earlier than I do and I appreciate knowing he is home. I didn't ask him to do this, he just started doing it on day one. I love it. As far as school work goes he is also doing pretty well there too, getting his homework done, reading is still an issue (insert growly face here) but we will get there. It isn't that he can't read, he just doesn't like the types of books that the kids are required to test on. Its an ongoing issue that started in the third grade so we know how to deal with it, but it gets so. old. UGH.

And work. Meh. Not much to say. Lots of changes happening so it will be an interesting end to 2013 and an exciting, growth-filled 2014.

And now, my friends, you are all caught up.

Oh, and this:

I was in a wedding a few weeks ago. It was a super fun time!

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