Wednesday, March 20, 2013


I was super irritated last week after work so I went storming up the hillside to relieve my irritation, cussing and swearing about how So-n-So is a stupid such-n-such. About how I'm not doing my job wrong but they sure make me feel like I am. About how nothing works right, how it's not my fault. Blah-blah-blah. On and on. Woe is me. Then I turned a corner and I started to realize that I ought to consider some other things like maybe So-n-So might have been having a bad day (or week, or month, or year). I didn't do my job exactly right (I skipped a few steps, we still would have arrived at the same end). There will never be a day in my job where everything works right. Sometimes it is my fault. Then I started down the hill and I noticed all the things I missed while I was charging angrily up the hill. The eeentsy teensy white flowers sprinkled in the new green grasses, these pretty purpley-pinkish beauties.

Madness blinds us. Exercise opens our eyes, and hearts and minds to other possibilities. To the beauty around us.

On my walk today I found this gem: a brand new something or other just barely busting through the newly dampened ground. (We woke to new snow today ...WTF? First day of Spring, my ass!) But its hopeful, no? If these little buggers can make it through a winter and poke out this Spring so can we. It's a fresh, new year. Fresh new start. Push through, unfurl your leaves, reach up to the sunshine. Grow. Live.

But there was this too, a bright blue sky. Ahhh, beautiful.

And this. This is my new favorite view.
I took a right at the Y in the road and ended up here. Soon the hills will look like they are actually covered in a green velvet. I can't wait. Then I know summer is just around the corner!

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Sarah said...

This post made me smile Renee :) It's amazing how different the world can look from an alternate perspective!