Friday, February 15, 2013

What's on my mind?

That person, you know? The one who drives me a little bit batty? It's because I'm just like her. Only less annoying, I hope. But I know I'm not.

That hockey thing, you know the one thing I talked about ALL. THE. TIME. last year? What happened to that? I'm still playing, in fact we scrimmaged this morning. It was good. I think I was loquacious about it last year trying to figure it out, work through it. It seems easier this year, I'm not trying to remember all the stuff I wrote about last year, a lot of it is coming naturally. That's a good thing, right? But the scrimmage needs to be talked about, if only so I remember what my job was supposed to be.

We played "drop-in" style so you never know what position you're gonna play until someone comes off the ice. Several times I found myself playing positions I don't know well. No, that's not it, I was going in to a position that I don't play often (forward or center) so I had to remember what I am supposed to do. Its kind of disheartening. BUT, I did it the best I could, and it got easier each time. (I still hate center, too much responsibility.) I'm trying to get rid of the puck too quickly and without thinking, though, when someone starts toward me. Man up! Evade! You're fast, you can get around them and go! go! go! DON'T THROW THE PUCK AWAY! It never works out ...

We have a local tournament next weekend. It sounds like I'm playing in the novice division, which suits me just fine. Do I want to be on an upper team? Ever? Good question. I don't know. The following weekend I had signed up for a tournament in Idaho. Sounds like its a no go. Too bad, I was looking forward to an out of town tourney. Hopefully the one in April will be a go.

My girl and I just wrapped up our RED week. And I started this color project at work too. I'm a little nervous about it, but ... Well, its just six weeks.

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