Friday, February 08, 2013


The next several weeks will bring a rainbow pallet of pictures. A project I was working on for work morphed into Mustard wanting to do a project of our own so we started Rainbow Girls. In essence the project is to see the colors in life, there are also pieces about mental and physical well being too.

The past week was yellow. So we photographed yellow things in everyday life. This collage is things I photographed on Thursday. The pancakes are a tortoise and a hare (use your imagination and flip them sideways) because Hannah is in a play on Saturday. Maybe. She is a sickie today, so we shall see.

In keeping with our project, I've been more outdoors-active. Dorika and I went up to Mission Ridge and hiked a few miles of the Devils Gulch pipeline-thing. It was soooo quiet. I saw some animal prints, bunnies mabye? and that was about it. Too cold for the birds and squirrels and all that. But not too warm up there that the ground is all sloshy and muddy like up on the hillside. I made a small goal of 100 miles before our April shift change. I am tired of failing my walking goals. I didn't make either of the ones from last year. Life gets in the way, I guess.

Today start a RED week. Stay tuned for RED pictures!

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