Thursday, January 03, 2013

Ohhh 2013

Dear 2013,
I'm not sure what you have in store for me, or what I have in store for you, but I think we are going to like each other.

I plan to keep on taking pictures, playing hockey and working. Working? Why would I mention working? IDK, it just slipped out of my fingers. I also want to get back on track walking the dog, but its 20* lately and I JUST DON'T FEEL LIKE IT.  I would also like to cook more, turns out I kind of like it (?!), and explore some other creative outlets.... not sure what, but I'm looking.

I also picked up Gretchen Rubin's book THE HAPPINESS PROJECT. Funny story, I then set it on the kitchen counter, face down, left the dog unattended for a few hours and returned to my HAPPINESS book pasted to the counter top by spilled milk (thanks to a combination of Dog and Kids), needless to say I was not happy. I might have yelled and screamed like a two-year-old. However, the whole book is not ruined, just the cover. So I am still reading it and I like it. I might try to cultivate happiness this year. Or rather, identify what makes me happy. I think I spend too much time thinking about what would make me happy and not paying attention to what does make me happy. Make sense? So, instead of a gratitude journal, I am going to keep a happiness journal, I am actually going to write a few things that make me happy each day.

What else? That's it.
Thanks be that the Mayans were wrong.
Happiness to you all,

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