Thursday, August 30, 2012


I've been home since Saturday and I'm not done unpacking yet. Literally and figuratively. Our vacations were great and so much more. I feel this kind of (good) calm like I haven't felt in awhile. Its good, but I cant pin it on anything. So I will continue to unpack.

School started yesterday. We've had a rough getting back, though. We are all sleeping too late in this nice pre-fall cooler morning weather. Both yesterday and today the kids arrived moments before the second bell. I don't like to feel rushed, neither do they, and I really don't want to teach them that being late is okay. Time to set our alarms.

I had this crazy idea to set a goal with my Runkeeper app to walk 200 miles between June 25 and August 30.  As of yesterday I had only done 142 miles. I'm not going to make the goal. I'm a little bummed, but the goal was a tad bit high considering all the overtime I was working. I did the bulk of the miles on vacation which was totally unintentional, but they felt really good! I think that is part of my calm, getting out doing something. That, and we are eating a LOT better for the past few months too. Cut out chips and beer and all the crap food.

And there is a lot more to go through, but I have some miles to tick away.

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