Saturday, August 25, 2012


Well, Hannah and I are back home tonight.  I'm glad to be here. The boys will be back tomorrow with the trailer and all the stuff we didn't bring back today. I hope they have a nice evening, the two of them.

We had the trailer parked north of Winthrop for 18 days this month. We were there for 10 straight, home for 3, then back for 3 (or 4). Not sure we will do that again. Maybe we would if we had someone meeting us there. Camping with ourselves is just plain boring! The kids need someone to play with and we need other adults!

During our 10 day stay we had amazing "neighbors." The first couple nights was an older lady. We struck up a conversation the the first night as I was hooking up he trailer water, sewer and power. She commented that it was good I knew how to do all that stuff because you never know when you will need those skills. Turned out, she was camping during what would have been her 32nd wedding anniversary. She and her late husband had always camped for their anniversary so she continued the tradition without him. He passed away suddenly in March. It was kooky the things we had in common; she was a retired dispatcher, her son works in Wenatchee, her husband was from Issaquah. She was very tolerant of our kids (bless her heart).

The day after she left a new family moved in. Lucky for us, they were very friendly! The men hit it off right away and us Renee's (yeah, that was the wife's name) did okay.  They had an 8 year old and 6 year old girl who pretty much lived at our place (we had A/C and a DVD player). Finally, the day before they left Bubba and the 8 year old started to figure out it was okay for them to hang (you know, the boy-girl thing). They took the kayak across the lake to the beach and searched for turtles and all the kinds of stuff kids do. It was cute.

We came home and I got back to work for a few days and took off again,, with an extra kid in tow, on Wednesday afternoon to finish our time. Hindsight: Next time I work at 1am and think I'm going to take three kids under age 11 camping? Two hours away. Remind me its a really BAD idea. Really. Bad. At 10 when the kids still weren't asleep I was done. D-O-N-E. Done. It was Mama-meltdown-time.

After a good nights sleep we were significantly better. We played in the water, the kids played some mini-golf and we went to town for dinner. I was too lazy to cook. Or shop. Friday we all went to town for what ended up being nearly all day. We had ice cream, mini-golf and a walk-about in my favorite park on our agenda. We did it all, and then some. It was fun. Finally, My Honey arrived around 8 pm. I was sure glad to see him, two days with the kids (plus one), alone, far away from normal, was about all I could handle!

Today we all just hung around, sat in the sun. I was able to get out for a walk with the dog. I really, really missed my morning walk. Not sure where to work it in, but I need the little break mentally and the challenge physically that walking the dog gives me. Plus, she is so much better when shes had a walk! In the early afternoon we packed me, Hannah and our plus one up and headed for home. I have a baby shower to go to tomorrow, our plus one needed to be home for some back to school shopping and I just decided to take Hannah with me. I think she will have fun going to the baby shower.

Yeah, there are more pictures, I'm just too lazy to go through the process tonite of plugging in my phone. My Honey tried to get some of us out on a paddle boat - Oh yeah! I spent an hour paddle-boating those three kids around. I really am a stud!

PS:  Hockey starts next month! 
Yes, I'm gonna play.

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