Monday, June 11, 2012

When we work together

WHEW! Busy weekend. Pool set up and filled (check), holes fixed (need more repair goo), several trips to the store for pool supplies and I still forgot the filters (doh!). Dinner and a movie with Hubby for his birthday/early Fathers Day (check), sent him golfing - twice (check), mowed the lawn (check), cleaned up the basement (check), new electronics stuff hooked up (oh yeah! that was me), and walked the dog

Daddy made him do it. Kiss the fish I mean. Gross!
Thanks Grandpa for taking him fishing. They caught several "silvers."
Guess what's for dinner?

My Honey and I (mostly him) have worked on this project for the past month or so. First, there had to be a retaining wall built, then, the size of the pool area had to be increased, and sanded, finally, the pool got set up and yesterday I set to filling it (and the holes that I found). I like the size, can't wait until it gets warm enough to swim! It was like a blast from the past when the kids saw the water in it and wanted to swim TODAY! Even tho the wind was blowing 15 mph, and the water was only 62*, and it had just been shocked so the chemicals were way too high. Yes, I heard my mother's voice "No, you can't swim today. Because the water is too cold. You'll just be freezing in that wind. The chemicals aren't balanced yet" and on and on. Its a very nice day today, so if I can get the solar cover on, maybe they can swim later in the week.

Okay, I admit it, I'd like to be sitting in it right now. If it was 85* or better outside and the water was at least 70*. Right now would be perfect. No one else is around. Ahhhh. 

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