Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Since it IS the first day of summer I sat by the pool all day.... Yes, the water was warm enough to hop in and clean the pool this morning, let the 6 year olds swim for a couple hours and then to enjoy it for myself too.  THIS is how my summer should be spent. Hopefully this isn't my only day off that is nice.

Also; the lovely Susannah Conway is giving away one of her fantastic books. Comment what you're proud about on her blog and enter to win! Here's mine:

This week, I am proud of my son sticking with Swim Camp. He's not the best, but he's sticking it out -- if even only for me.

I'm proud of my daughter making it through her first sleep over (at home) with no tears. I worried that the two big personalities might clash sometime during the night.

I'm proud of my husband for tackling our honey-do list a little at a time each night after work.

And I'm proud of me that I haven't taken on too much for the rest of this month. THAT, my friends is an accomplishment! I'm finally seeing some of the rewards of that year spent working on balance.

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