Friday, July 22, 2011


It's time for another 10 day stretch off! *sigh* I really need it. We are quite short-staffed right now so I am working a LOT of 12-hour shifts. And being a mom. And a wife. And a housekeeper.And a cook and...

For vacation, we are going camping (!) I am thinking this trip is going to be the bomb! Everything will go right, no problems, no forgetting anything, no injuries or rashes or sickness or flat tires or ... or anything else.

We will have a great time, nice, sunny weather, a lot of photo ops, and super great fishing. I will relax and the kids will (I really want to say be super perfect) will be ... well, their behavior will exceed expectations (which are quite low lately). The drive will go smooth and there will be plenty of food, dry towels and beer!

The end :)

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jocodeane said...

How will that fit in with your August Break photo posting sessions :-) ?
Not carrying your laptop around with you??

Hope it all works out smoothly.