Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I finished in 1:40!!! AND I spent around 5 minutes in transitions (that's the space of time between the swim and bike, and the bike and run,) so actually, I did the race in 1:35 AND I was the 20th person in my age-range (yes, the old ladies in the 35-39 year olds) out of 46 ... So.... I finished the race in better standings than I graduated! I guess that's one way of looking at it huh??

We camped for two whole nights this week. FUN, FUN, FUN! We stayed close to home (literally, less than 20 minutes) in case it didn't work out, but the kids did fine, once the fell asleep at 10, or was it 11? And, aside from my aching ass, we had a great time.

Aching ass? What's that? Well, that's when you are boating and the cell phone rings and you bend down to answer it, but there is a fiberglass something or other that you catch your tailbone on resulting in an aching ass. Literally. Aching. Ass. I cannot sit, I cannot drive, I cannot rest comfortably. Yep, it was a joy that last night in the tent! Aching. Ass.

My Honey has pledged to take good care of me for the remainder of our vacation. Not that it was his fault, it wasn't, I just got caught unawares and cracked my tailbone on a corner-thing that's been on the boat for the whole 15 years we have owned it. Funny how that shit happens!

The important thing was we got to take the boat out! I love the water, its the most-est relaxing-est place. I hope we get to take it out again, the kids liked it a lot too, and we had another couple with us who had a nice time as well.

And that's about it. Only a few more days left of vacation ... Probably not going anywhere! Just staying home, playing by/in/around the over sized wading pool. Working on my tan. Resting my ass.

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LSL said...

Big, HUGE congratulations! You did such an awesome job! 999 must be your lucky number.