Saturday, May 04, 2013


Okay. That was my hike. The top photo is the view from the tippy-top of Camelback Mountain. Holy mother of everything holy what a hike! The second photo is the trail marker. Notice how it points DOWN? Yeah, it's not kidding. The third picture is one section of the rocks I scaled to make the ascent and decent up and down that mothertrucker. So tell me, am I awesome? Yeah, I kinda thought so. I seriously had NO IDEA what I was getting myself into. On the way up the trail, I considered quitting, but I had been reading WILD by Cheryl Strayed and I kept thinking if she can do the fricking Pacific Crest Trail from California through Oregon (alone), I can fricking do Camelback Mountain. So I did. And it was totally worth it.

And this was the pool where I relaxed for two afternoons, and where I would LIVE if I could. I got me a really good desert "tan", its kind of the color of the desert dirt, you know, reddish. But its a start!

And those are the botanical garden. I visited again to see if my photography is any different. All these are iPhone, so I don't know yet.

We were in Arizona because My Honey had a conference to attend and I invited myself along, I think its gonna be a long, long summer at work and I thought I might need a break before the busy gets started ....  Monday.

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Zineb Bouslahmi said...

Nice photos, good luck!
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