Sunday, November 20, 2011


Strange, were we there at the same time?

I went to a musical on Saturday afternoon with my sister and all our kids because our niece was in it. Way to go Madi, she was a shining star - the one with the biggest, brightest smile. I think that girl loves to be on the stage.

What a fabulous production! Just enough going on all the time to keep all the kids involved, way, way talented kids, super great orchestra. I enjoyed myself a lot! But yes, weird to be at the school on a Saturday and not for detention ;)

I did think, as I was entering my alma mater, of things that had gone on during my HS years. Things that had transpired on those very steps over 20 years ago. The musical I was in over 20 years ago. The people I had known, the crap of HS. But more I was thinking of the kid that recently drown.

I had a really shitty work day last week. One of my calls was an office staff person at the HS saying they needed an ambulance. All she knew is that they "pulled someone from the bottom of the swimming pool." The whole room stills when a call like that is being dispatched. I think we are all in a state of hopefulness that it isn't as bad as it sounds, and the ones who pray, pray. I asked her to have someone go to the pool area and call us back so we knew exactly what we had. She called back and I happened to answer the phone again, this time she was shaken. "They're doing CPR, get someone here fast!"

The patient turned out to be a 14 year old boy. He had drown. He didn't make it. There are a lot of elements to this call that I ... well, they're just interesting, I guess. It's a small community here, everyone knows someone who was somehow involved or goes to the school or works at the school. Not only that, it reminds me of losing one of our classmates. My heart goes out to the family and his friends. The students that found him, the teacher that was in charge. The administration. Everyone. The lady I sent to the pool who never would have seen what she saw if I hadn't asked. I can't undo anything I did, and I wouldn't do it any different next time, but it still sucks. It's gonna hang around me for awhile.

On the total flip side tho, we have had a great weekend. Busy. Very busy, but great! Cupcake day at school on Friday, LK coming over Friday night. Fresh snow to play in on Saturday, the musical on Saturday afternoon, 50/50 ticket sales at the hockey game on Saturday night, going out with my sisters later and we are getting ready to head to McDonald's for Hannah's birthday party now. Whew, oh and one more thing, tickets to see Ron White tonite! THAT I am excited for!!

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