Monday, April 11, 2011


It was a very nice morning so I went out for a walk. I am glad I did. It turned windy this afternoon.

We had a pretty full Spring Break. A friend overnight, a cousin over for the day and me off work for nearly two weeks. Travel to Seattle, Issaquah and Portland. And then home. Afternoon at the video arcade, afternoon at the Pacific Science Center and an afternoon at Dave Ramsey LIVE.

We planned some of our summer vacation camping destinations and tried to find somewhere to go during Memorial Day (hahaha!) I did find out a group of my hockey friends go camping nearby so we might-can tag along with them. We are pretty excited about this camping thing :) I went and picked up all our tent-camping stuff today so we can go through it and see what we can us in the camper and what we need to buy. We have not told the kids yet, but we are going to take it out on Saturday to test all the hookups. I think they will be excited!  I know I am!

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